8 Ways to start with the end in heart

Dear Lovely Business Owner..

Re  8 ways to start with the end in heart.

I wonder if you know the phrase by the late Stephen Covey ” Start with the end in mind,’ whilst I have valued this, more and more for me at least I have opted for : ‘start with the end in heart.’

For me, being much more heart-centred, and emotional, I know that my feelings are very important to me, and being a kinaesthetic person, how something feels is a way that I navigate the world primarily and then visually..

Working with sensitive business owners and heart-centred entrepreneurs, I see that the more they start with the end in heart, the more they enjoy the process  and practice of being in business.

What I am sharing here, are practices that I apply to my business life. Sometimes I do these every day, sometimes every week  or even every month.

  1. Set your intention for whatever you are doing, ie create a pitch for a journalist,  write a blog post, or sign up a certain number of clients.
  2. Get clear on the feeling you would like to have once you have finished a certain task. Is it relief, is it pride, is it joy? – for me it is often a mixture of joy and relief 🙂
  3. Write out or speak into your phone, why you feel you are doing something. For example : I feel that it is time for me to write this blog post as the issue keeps on coming up in conversations. I feel it will help a lot of people. I feel that I want to write this blog post, as so many, even heart-centred business owners are too focussed on their mindset and not on their heartset enough.
  4. Take a few moments, and visualise how it will feel to you, having completed your task, or having made the sales you are looking for.
  5. Happy Dance. Sarah Negus got me back into this, after a bit of a break, and I just love it.. er much more than I care to admit 🙂 http://www.SarahNegus.com
  6. Write a letter to the universe, saying how you feel about having completed a particular task, or having achieved a certain result and be as expressive as possible. You will be writing it is as if prayers have been answered that you had been prayers for and taking action towards. For example: I am so happy and thrilled that after a year of communicating with such and such on Twitter, I have finally got the go ahead for my client to interview them, I am beyond excited. I am so happy I am dancing on the moon with the cows and back. I feel like all of my effort and persistence is finally paying off. I am so excited. I know that this is just the beginning,  and I feel on top of the world. I cannot stop high-fiving myself, or wipe my huge grin off my face. Nothing can wipe my grin of my face as I am so utterly delighted. I feel like I have won the lottery several times, or that Christmas has come early for me.
  7. High Five yourself, as if you have got the result you desired. This is something, I do a lot, I just love high-fiving. Obviously, high fiving with others is much more fun, still if you are in your office on your own like me, just do it with yourself, and really exaggerate it and shout and scream too. By making a lot of noise, and sounding joyful and excited you will be embodying the feelings you want much more powerfully and be much more able to attract them and the results you desire.
  8. Speak to yourself on your phone whilst walking. This one I do at least a few times a week. Whatever I am looking to achieve, I get on my phone and walk around as movement is important to help you embody the feeling, as Sarah Negus has taught me. On my phone, I have a pretend conversation, often with one of my close friends as if what I am desiring has happened. Often I will go into great detail about the whys, the hows and the wherefores. It is one of the most powerful ways for me personally. as I just enjoy talking and being on the phone a lot. I love that when I do this, throughout the day I remember parts of my chats. and it helps me to imagine my results happening much more easily.  Sometimes I do this in the middle of the day, or last thing at night, or even I am struggling for inspiration, as it always empowers me and inspires or re-inspires me.


I would love to know how you get on 🙂

And any tips you might have about starting with the end in heart.

Love Carrie xx

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