Your PR strategy is flawed and here’s why.

Dear Lovely Business Owner,

I often chat to sensitive business owners and ethical  business owners  those who are here to change the world who are doing their own PR.

Our interactions go something like this…

We have a chat about PR, and some of them say: “gosh Carrie, this PR malarkey is easy isn’t it, I could do it myself.”  And just grin and say: “ Why yes of course, it is easy.”

Then, I just say: “ You are a brilliant coach, a brilliant mentor, or speaker, sadly though your PR strategy is flawed.”

And suddenly they become all …. “Seriously, Carrie Why? “

I respond: “ PR is absolutely easy, but how can you do it when you are running your business, as  doing PR takes time, it takes energy, there is a lot of back and forth between you and the journalists, for example.  How can you whilst you are running your business chase down all of the opportunities?  How can you allocate? How can you make the time for research the publication, the time for the tailored pitch, and then the follow up ?”

The answer is that you cannot. You cannot do your own PR and chase down all of the opportunities whilst running your business so your PR strategy is flawed, and something has to give. Unless you are prepared to become a full-on PR expert, the next best option is to hire me to do it for you.

I won’t promise you that I will get you tons of exposure, but  what I will promise you is what I get you is the right exposure.

I tend to work with female business owners or entrepreneurs who have got a turn over of £100,000 or more per annum.

These female entrepreneurs want to raise their visibility, in all forms of media, instead of just online media and advertising.

There are occasions when I will with men who are sensitive who also wish to transform the world.

They have generally got one or two employees, or outsource on a regular basis work with business owners who have spiritual strand running through them.

They don’t want another employee just yet but they do want someone to do their PR well.

They want to transform the world in a particular way and they understand that they have got to make that happen

They have a spiritual streak running through them.

They want to do good things.

They believe in good karma and living their life in a meaningful way.

They like working with me because..

I am a great listener

I don’t mock their dreams.

I don’t tell them that they are wrong.

I believe in them just as much they believe in themselves, if not more.

And if you are this type of business owner, I can spend my precious time instead of yours putting together opportunities for you, so you can focus on doing what you do best 🙂

Just over this last week, one of my clients appeared on the BBC radio, and another is going to have her product as download for highly targeted website for her, which she is over-the-moon about.

Here are my packages here:

If you are reading this and thing this is you; ping me an email

I’d love to hear from you and I’d love to work with you.


Love Carrie x

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