How to Bridget Jonesify your Content making you more relatable..

Dear Lovely Business Owner,

RE: ‘Bridget Jonesifying,’ your Content….

Making your content more relatable..

Over the last few weeks whilst working with clients,

I have noticed so many hugely talented female business owners are


It breaks my heart..

Because …

When you are unrelatable or just come across as too perfect, too together..

people don’t trust that you empathise with them,

so do not trust your solution..

ie you…….

Enter Bridget Jones stage left…

Bridget Jones WTF Carrie?

Oh yes, Helen Fielding wheeled this loveable,

flawed female back out.

.after over a decade

only to discover

that she was more popular than ever,

and more loved and even more relatable..


To me, it’s because we are addictied to perfection,

and living far too much in our heads and

in this bonkers

comparision game…

and this spills over into our content..

In Business it feels like the comparision game, and the perfectionitis game gets worse…

I can hear a few of you, especially the sensitive types…
baulking at this point.._

– usually you are the ones who need Bridget the most..

ie I don’t want that victim energy around me…
and that’s okay I understand that…

Bringing out your ‘Inner Bridget,’ will be far easier than you think.

One of my clients runs highly successful health food business, but is terrible at housework.

Another one is an amazing nutritional therapist yet a shocking dresser.

I’m great with words, and creating emotional connection, yet my short-term memory can be embarassingly short..ie sometimes.. a matter of seconds.. and as for logic.. well that’s a whole other blog post..

For example: the power of Bridget is that she rocks up and brings us all together with a goodgiggle, even at herself..=

For example: unwittingly attending music festival in high heals + white skinny jeans, and fall far down in mud.. or getting ready for a date with Mr Darcy, only to get drenched by a passing car…. coming down a fireman’s pole and flashing her derriere.. and thong… there’s so many…

Lightening up and humanizing us all, is , after all is one of the ways that moves you

and your audience from their head to their hear where emotions connections are created

and where buying happens.

My personal Bridget moments.. for example are..  sending out an email to the wrong people,

with highly personal information, calling someone at a meeting Dave when they are really called Simon,

mistaking the doorman for a CEO,

totally forgetting what you were saying during a live panel

chatting to someone at an important meeting and forgetting you had your backpack on..

and so the list goes on.. of my Inner Bridge…

Well, this ‘Bridget Jonesifying’ process that I have created,

which I have only previously offered my one-to-one clients.

I have decided to offer it to just forty beta-testers.

What will I get Carrie?

Well, for just £97

I will walk you through my templates of connecting with your Inner Bridget,’

as we all relate to her in different and unique ways.

I will explain how to bring into play your ‘ Inner Mark Darcy,’ so that you can love and accept yourself just as you, yes I kid you not.

I will give you a framework to share your ‘Inner Bridget,’ in your content.

I will share successful examples which you can put your own unique twist on.

I will personally give you feedback for a month, via email.

As like I say “ Content without connection is like tea without cake.’

Bridget-Jonesifying your content makes you relatable, trust-worthy to your audience.

“My clients are all women and they buy when they like and trust someone and my corporate background meant that I was great at showing the professional and expertise side of me but I haven’t been showing enough of the softer, even fun side of my, which makes them connect with me and want to buy from me. Thanks so much. “ Rebecca Boulton.

Just how much might that be being relatable be worth to you?

This short course will be delivered via email, starting this coming Wednesday and you will have access via email with me for a month to answer questions and emails.

I’m only allowing just forty of you to go through this course, at the price of £97

Once the places have been taken, that’s it. No false scarcity here.

I will once they have gone through, increase the price of this process dramatically.

Book you place now, for just £97 https://www.paypal.me/TheBlondepreneur
and make you and your content more relatable,

with our Bridge’s help,

and see your engagement increase,

see your leads come in and see your sales go up.

_ obviously you will need to take action- on my suggestions + templates.

Place your order now whilst it’s only this price, £97 payment via


Love Carrie Eddins

P.S Become more relatable with Bridget’s help your audience feel more understood by you, so trust you more.
P.P.S For the first Forty ladies it’s just only £97
P.P.P.S Book you place now, here:https://www.paypal.me/TheBlondepreneur

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Carrie Eddins

  • Inner Bridget – love it and I love how you have brought such a loveable character into our minds so that we can know that we are normal.

    • CarrieROC says:

      Thanks Jacqui, that means so much. So true, my inner-bridge comes out to play a lot 🙂

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