Short-cuts are often BS for your business

Dear Lovely Business Owner,

Short-cuts are often BS hey?

I admit I’m still a sucker for them…..

I did a potato diet just before my early December birthday last year, as I desperately wanted to lose additional inches from my hips and stomach. Whilst I adore potatoes.. eating twenty a day with only ketchup on the top… er became a bit tiresome… yet I persisted… fourteen days later.. just to make look a bit better in the lead up to Christmas.

Did it work.. er no..

Shortcuts don't work

short-cuts don’t work..

Have I learned.. the jury’s still out.

I know that I need to spend less time sat on my derriere and actually move it, and eat a bit more consistently during the day.

At least I have vastly reduced my coffee habit and not put on any more inches, as I don’t weigh myself, as I don’t believe in scales any more, too many bad memories.

I used to swim up to four hours a day and then do two exercises classes a day and I was two dress sizes smaller….

I am working up to becoming more active, it’s a process and I know I need to rejoin my local gym to do this and be in community when I do this, i.e. not try and exercise on my own, as er it’s not working I always find something else to do. Although a good woodland walk with my friend like today works wonders…

What’s your point Carrie ?

My point is that that many short-cuts, do not work, as you have to do the work..

Obviously in my example, if I really wanted I could have surgery, but it’s not my thing…heavens no..

In terms of your business though… back to you.. lol..

What if there was a short-cut which could help you have more time to rest each day as I know many of you are exhausted in the doing, doing, doing of your business….

What if there was a short-cut which could help you raise awareness of your brand, without you concerning yourself with how?

What if there was a short-cut which could get the attention of your soul clients + get them to take you seriously so they jump along their buyer’s journey to the point of investing in your products and services?

There is and it’s called PR…


Some of you know this. Some of you do not.

PR can do all of that and much, much more.

It takes time, it takes connections, it takes effort.

For example: like regularly following and consuming the publications you want to be featured it.

For example: making time to connect with the people who are responsible for the content in these publications you want to be featured in, so they do not feel overly like your lunch when you content with the ‘best story ever,’ lol..

For example: researching and keeping on top of the key publications and the trends and opportunities from the key players and leaders in your field.

It can absolutely work like magic though, it can.

I cannot guarantee that you will get on Oprah tomorrow, or in Inc Magazine tomorrow.

I can guarantee though that working with me, I will help you to get your brand out into the world on a larger scale than you have before; unless you are Sarah Arrow ..still there’s always another level hey Sarah?

I can guarantee that you will through working with me be opened up to a world of opportunity of your reaching your ideal clients, of leads and yes of sales.

Obviously, I cannot guarantee how many sales, leads or opportunities, or coverage, no-one can ever. No PR or Marketing consultant can.


Still, whilst I am focussing on this, it means you can put your precious time and energy into your zone of genius, whilst I am pitching like a duracell bunny …


I have various packages, I’d love help you :

Be warned you need other things in place, such as content, a product or service or both, and systems and structures in place, to truly maximise your PR opportunities and to crucially build upon them

You could also, sign up for my Spiritual PR Heavenly Package too, which is a gentler way into the media here:

How i do PR you won’t find anywhere else, as I go deep, I go emotional, I bring out your ‘flawed heroine,’ out to play, yes I work the majority of the time with women. PM me, Love Carrie x

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