The flawed heroine vs the Perfect heroine

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I have decided today to explore a bit more the flawed heroine vs the perfect heroine, as I work mainly with female entrepreneurs who when I see are presenting a perfect picture of their life and their business, lose so much emotional connection with their audience, as it looks unreal.

For example: sharing how they just made a hundred grand, whilst running their kids to school, looking like a supermodel, and managing their household… capiche? You know the ones…

On the opposite end the spectrum, I see some female entrepreneurs being real and sharing that they are struggling with a migraine, or that they are finding themselves feeling overwhelmed with their to do lists, or are getting sucked into their ‘comparisionitis,’ of  the online world.

When there is realness, or authentic female entrepreneurs showing up it makes me personally hop a little bit closer and I know I am not alone…

Brene Brown anyone? Bridget Jones? Oprah? And even Liz Gilbert, Marianne Williamson..

I know I am not alone as I have found typically female entrepreneurs prefer you to be real with them, so that they trust you more and emotionally feel connected to you. Even this week, I discovered that the wonderful power house and highly successful entrepreneur Marie Forleo decided to show herself without make-up on camera and be more real. I was surprised about this quite honestly;  as her videos, her ‘q and a Tuesdays,’ which I used to watch for years, were nothing if not a mini movie of perfection, every one, with just gorgeous outfits and her make-up professionally done and the production of them so slick it was like they had been commissioned for an actual channel of her own.

Yes the ‘flawed heroine,’ be overdone but that’s the topic for another day; you know when women can go on and on  and on, I know I do it that too.. anyway……

Here’s a post to illustrate and to share with you the powerful difference between the flawed heroine and the perfect heroine which I trust that you find useful and that you feel inspired enough to bring into being in your own content to benefit your business. So, let me get on with it hey ? 🙂

The flawed heroine inspired a ‘me too,’ factor, whilst the perfect heroine can inspire an ‘ I’m better and jealousy/

For example: Sarah Arrow might share that even though she has written thousands, yes thousands of blog posts, so many she has repetitive strain injury  that still  she writes every day. She shares that  she does not use all of her content, as sometimes it is not good enough, and she just ditches. This personally blew me away.  Had, she have led with I have written thousands of blog posts and this is what I do every day without sharing that she sometimes writes naff content, she would have been less relatable.

The flawed heroine helps you to feel you are not alone, whilst the  perfect heroine can make you feel alone.

For example: the flawed heroine shares that sometimes she can feel overwhelmed with what she has to do, and all her responsibilities aside from just her business ,being a good wife and mother and a good friend, and taking care of her own needs. She might go into detail of her finding it hard to find time to have a bit of peace and quiet with just herself instead of attending to her clients, her kids or her family’s needs, and share that she was ‘screaming inside.’  Whilst a perfect heroine will present to the world that she is ‘dealing,’ perfectly well with absolutely everything in her life coping absolutely swimmingly and is less relatable, as it is just unrealistic.

The flawed heroine shares how she used to be a people-pleaser in relationships purely as she did not know any different. She might share that even though she has done a lot of work on herself; she still can find expressing herself emotionally tricky and not always easy; but she has a good laugh with her partner about it now instead of making it into a big drama or becoming anxious. .Whilst the perfect heroine present an image of her being able to fully at all times be able to express herself emotionally, can have a ‘too good to be true edge to it,’ and make her less human.

The flawed heroine shares how she used to be addicted to alcohol and spend her time with her head in a glass until she hit rock bottom and went to AA. She shares how now her time in AA, helps her with her business which draws a lot of lessons from it, such as helping others, like having a sponsor.  The perfect heroine, does not share her ups and downs,  or any ‘Brene Brown’ vulnerable moments and comes across as cold-hearted and robotic, and masculine; and ‘unrelatable. ‘

The flawed heroine reveals that even very recently she realises that she does not love herself enough, and that she needs to work on loving herself much more deeply and consistently. The perfect heroine  presents an image that she loves herself now, always and forever, unconditionally without any room for growth and development or without any triggers.

The flawed heroine like  Marianne Williamson would share about her failed attempt to become a member of Congress and how she had truly underestimated the complexity of the process and how heartbreaking it had been for her not achieve her goal and how much terror she felt as a result and how it too her a long time recover. The perfect heroine would not have shared any of this and would have just shared ‘well that was interesting… next if nothing painful had occurred.

The flawed heroine like Mel Robbins would share that despite being very successful in her role on television and as a much sought after coach and speaker; how in  out of moment of madness really she discovered a life-changing brain triggers which came out of nowhere to turn her life around and those of millions of others. The perfect heroine would merely be sharing the data to back up her life-changing discovery which interrupts the brain so that you can literally instigate change in five seconds to change a habit to change your life without the heartfelt raw honesty.

The flawed heroine,like  Oprah would share  during the course of over twenty five years her up and down struggles with her weight through doing live exercise classes, recipes, weigh-ins, you name it Oprah did it. She  would share her before and after pictures and after and before each time she went up and down, and up and down. This would create such empathy and emotional connection with her viewers many of whom were where she was if not worse. If they were not themselves experiencing a weight loss battle, they most certainly became emotionally invested in her, and followed her show religiously because of her realness and snapped up and followed through on pretty much everything she recommended, as she created a movement so powerful that many say she became and still is one of the most powerful people in America.   The perfect heroine  would just focus on her audience members, detaching from her own struggles, so that it would be all about them, which reduces the emotional connection she would have with her viewers and they would feel less empathy for her and from her, so be less loyal to her, less emotionally invested and less likely to respond to anything that she would say or recommend.

The flawed heroine, me, unwittingly grabs the mike, whilst it was going spare and talks surprisingly about divorce at a family wedding, without thinking, and becomes the talk of the reception, maybe not in the best way yet memory-making nevertheless. The perfect heroine describes the perfect beach side wedding  under the Middle Eastern moon, with divine food, drink, company and an other-worldly wedding ceremony and reception without mentioning much else.

Do you see the value in the flawed heroine vs the perfect heroine? If you would like know more about this, I am currently running a beta-tester group of female entrepreneurs who for a one-off price and part of a select group helping me with this course. Unless of course you have over ten thousands hours to research and learn all the information to back the value of the flawed heroine. For example why in content marketing beyond information overwhelm, why sharing our humanity or flawed side is needed to create emotional connection which is where the trust starts and once established is where buying happens. Or that men and women relate differently and typically for women business is much more personal so that they need to like you to buy from you, so when you present yourself as being the perfect heroine you turn so many women off; unlike when you present your flawed heroine.. Interesting hey ? 🙂

I only have a limited amount of places which are part of a private facebook group, and who are participating in the course from now until the end of August, before I relaunch it in September at a much higher price. If you would like to learn with me whilst I do my beta-testing join now at this prize. Alternatively you can wait until September when it will version one points

My course ‘Reveal your flawed heroine to create emotional connection in your content, to generate more leads + sales,’ as when you do this, your female audience will feel you empathise with them, so trust you + buy from you- I’ve a few places left on my course which I am beta-testing for just £197.

Module One:
What is Content Marketing and why is it so important.
-What are the current issues such as why are so many people not engaging in it
-Being clear on what you are speaking to.

Module Two :Why is emotional oonnection in content so important? As I believe: “Content without connection is like tea without cake.’
-What is the cost of not having emotional connection?

Module Three : What is the power of the flawed heroine?
-Why is she so important?
-Looking at the psychological aspect of this, about how and why women relate so differently and adding in a bit of scientific data to back it up.

Module Four :
-What does the flawed heroine look like ?
-Real-life examples / stories / and business content.

Module Five:
-How do you reveal your flawed heroine?
-What does she look like?
-How to bring her out to play in different types of content

Module Six :
-Why your flawed heroine alone is not enough…

Any questions, just ask me


I’d love to hear from you,

Love Carrie 🙂

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