5 Ways to connect better with Mel Robbins

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In this post I will share with you how Mel Robbins, one of America’s top coaches and the author of the ‘Five Second Rule,’ can help you to emotionally connection better with your audience and indeed with your clients.

When you emotionally connection, they are much more likely to trust you, to want to get to know you better and to buy from you, as buying is emotional, so the more we share our hearts, the easier it is to create this emotional connection with our audience. Mel emotionally connects very well.

Here are five ways that you can learn from her and emotionally connect much better as a result, and get more leads and generate more sales too
One. Mel Robbins, held a live broadcast recently and so much went wrong. Here it is:


Her broadcast was about confidence. Even though the server crashed several times as too many people were participating in her live chat, she revealed that she was indeed practicing what she preached and was calm and confident.

She just kept talking and kept calm. She still even though her live broadcast was crashing made the viewer feel like that were welcome. that they were seen, that were valued that they were heard. She made you feel that she really did care; which is what connection is all about.

Two: She shared that even though she had lots of experience under her belt she did not consider herself an expert in confidence. This was endearing as she coaches about this and she was even talking about how in her mind that confidence is a skill, it is situation and it begins with action. She did not always though feel that she was confident.

This flawed sense of her, that she shared just made me love and respect her more. She revealed that she was on this journey with her and even during this live broadcast she was terrified of doing, she was still doing it.

This is inspiring, literally walking her talk live. She reached into our hearts and we felt it. as you will if you watch her broadcast.

Three: Her authenticity connected you to her. You felt that she was rooting for you, and that she was partnering with you in you journey to become more confident .

There was not this: “I am the expert learn from me, with too much ego,’  she was very much I am here to learn from you, as much as you might be here to learn from me.

This level of humility and indeed care created connection as you felt her in your corner, as a partner not just a mentor.

Four: She revealed one of her weaknesses, for technology. As the broadcast went wrong, Mel shared that her business partner who was present during the broadcast was her business partner because she was hopeless with technology.

This touched my heart as not many people do this. I know I can struggle with these things, and it is one of the reasons I have been resistant to broadcasts and webinars as I am too technically-challenged.

Instead of pushing her audience away when Mel revealed this weakness, they hopped a little closer as felt safe with her.

Five: And finally, Mel banged on throughout the broadcast about the importance of getting things done, as way to build confidence and that it is does not happen on the sidelines,

She demonstrated this throughout the broadcast because she showed how even when during a live broadcast she could keep going, keep calm and literally carry on and share her knowledge

A great way to increase your connection with your audience is through PR.

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