How to market to women

Dear Lovely Business Owner,

How to market to women.

Let’s be honest, we are called the opposite sex, for a reason, we are fundamentally different in the way that we communicate men and women. Let’s just ‘ applaud our differences,’ as my mentor Alison Ward says and work together.

” Gender is the most powerful determinant of how we see the world and everything in it. It’s more significant than age, income, ethnicity, or geography.  Gender is often a blind spot for businesses, partially because the subject is not typically addressed in most undergraduate or graduate-level business courses, or the workplace itself.”

Bridget Brennan -ihttp://www.forbes.com/sites/bridgetbrennan/2015/01/21/top-10-things-everyone-should-know-about-women-consumers/#8b48d382897d

One of powerful way to market to women is to realise, one of my 7 Keys to Selling to Women™ is that for women:

Women need to like you to buy from you, as Business is Personal. So it’s Relationship first, Business Second for her.

Carrie Eddins

This seems to be missed by so many which is tragic!!

Can you give me an example then Carrie?

Of course silly 🙂

Let me first be clear this nugget applies to a bigger companies to a small home-based Business; across the board. Obviously, this nugget has more impact when it is being applied to a smaller Business and actually a Smaller Business has much more powerful to create a powerful emotional connection with their female customers as they move faster, easier and quicker and put ideas into practice with much more ease than a bigger company; especially with social media and the Internet.

Here’s a story that illustrates this idea perfectly.

There’s a health food store, in my home town, in the West Midlands, in the United Kingdom and I know the ladies who work there pretty well. When I am out and about and go in the same health food store across the region, it just doesn’t feel the same. They don’t recommend to me particular offers; especially on coconut oil, which I am rather partial too. Heavens no. They do not ask me how our cat is doing, or my family. Heavens no. They do not ask me how my chocolate truffle recipe went that I was experimenting with for the first time using their Raw Cacao, Cocoa Butter, Chia seeds and Agave syrup. Heavens no.

It’s just a simple, innocent and usually friendly transaction. Not much relationship. So I just do not go back and make a point of going to my local one…. I go to my local one because they are welcoming, they are so caring, I feel that I matter and that I am not just a meaningful number or unit. I feel apart of their tribe, which indeed ‘saying this outloud,’ feels a bit weird but it’s so true and I really feel loved by them, which is just totally lovely.

Do I recommend them to all of my friends, even though they might be able to obtain some of their things cheaper online? Of course,  in a heartbeat.

Contrast this to a typical male customer. They do not need to like the person or people they buy from, half as much. Not at all, as Business is not as personal, or even personal at all with men, it’s just well Business!

You can learn more about how to market to women yourself, the slow way; using trial and error, taking some of what I have shared with you today, or can you do it quickly; saving your precious time,  as I’ve done the work, the research, the analysis, the decade-long studying for you…. and you can benefit from here through my course on : 7 Keys to Selling to Women™ here: http://www.theblondepreneur.com/shop/

Wishing you well,

Love Carrie x

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Carrie Eddins

  • Gillian Walton says:

    This is so true. When I think about when I have purchased from another women it’s because we have built a relationship or via recommendation. The relationship has usually built up over a period of time. Thank you for the great tip.

    • CarrieROC says:

      Thanks Gillian. I appreciate your comments and support. We are different aren’t we us females 🙂

  • Great advice. I asked a new photography client of mine the other day why she chose me to photograph her dog and she said “I liked the sound of you when I read your website” 🙂

    • CarrieROC says:

      Thanks Linda. Oh how lovely 🙂

  • Tracey says:

    I was aware women do need to feel a connection before they buy and this post has given me some new ideas.

    • CarrieROC says:

      That’s great Tracey, how wonderful 🙂

  • Interesting!
    Women = emotional
    Men = functional.
    That could be a classic summary of the kind of difference you talk about, and although it’s a sweeping generalisation that can be slated as sexist, it’s foolish to ignore it!

    FB ads are a great way to test this out, one kind of advert for men, a different one for women, with testing, could really bring improved results.
    Great reminder!
    Cheers, Gordon

    • CarrieROC says:

      Thank you Gordon. Of course, i understand that this post could be viewed as sexist, at the same time, it already how much of Business is communicated by viewed as sexist with it’s bias towards how men communicate 🙂 Thank you for your affirmation Gordon. Absolutely, go for it, and let me know how you get on 🙂 My pleasure. Thanks for your comments and feedback Gordon:)

  • Trenna says:

    To men I am mostly invisible and confusing~ maybe I am not alone.

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