Female entrepreneurs use your flawed female to generate more leads and sales than any other strategy

Dear Lovely Business Owner,

I am talking today about your ‘flawed female,’ which I often call ‘Bridget Jones,’ the character who won our hearts many moons ago and who came back onto our screen after huge break last Christmas and proved to be even more successful. Why? For me, she was even more successful as she plays a ‘flawed female,’ and most certainly in life and indeed in business I see many female entrepreneurs presenting their lives as perfect and leading with their content creation from their business heads, and their achievements; whilst these are by themselves impressive they rarely inspire women to want to buy from you long-term. Really Carrie? Yes.

For me, what makes Bridget Jones such a powerful character to draw inspiration from is that she is loveable whatever happens in her life. Be she break up with her beloved Mr Darcy, be share fall on her face knee deep in mud, be she speak inappropriately on air about a man’s love life, be say the wrong thing at the wrong time to someone… everyone still loves and accepts and largely for me this is to do with that she is flawed and loveable just as she is. She is not pretending that she has got everything in her life sorted and every box ticked, not at all. She is not pretending that every issue that she had that she had overcome, or indeed faced. She is not even though in her latest film she has moved from her roving reporter to the Producer, pretending that she has her love life sorted despite having made huge progress at work. This just to me makes her all the more appealing.

I see in content from female entrepreneurs them communicating from a place of being perfect, far too much, so for me, it makes them harder to relate too; especially as women in my view in one of my seven keys to selling and marketing to women need to like you to buy from you. To like you, they need to be able to relate to you, and if you come across as being far too perfect then you are hard to relate too and so they will find it hard to emotionally connect with you so they will be reluctant to buy from you as they will not trust that you have a empathy for them where they are, even though  you might have mastered their issue, you are not showing your journey.

For example: let’s take the example of Oprah Winfrey through her show” The Oprah Winfrey Show,’ she shared time and time and time again her then ongoing battle with her weight. She interviewed on air many different experts in their field and she cried, she showed before and after pictures and she well bared her soul and her pain about this issue. Did this create huge empathy and emotional connection with her audience, who was largely female? I believe it did. Would it have been the same if she had not. I do not believe it would, I firmly believed that this part of her life, for example was what kept her hugely relatable to her largely female audience, many of whom were having the same weight issues and battles albeit on a less public scale.

Whilst you might not be Oprah Winfrey with her platform you most certainly I am sure have loveable aspects of you, which I call your ‘Inner Bridget,’ or your flawed female,’ whichI feel if you brought forward in your content would create emotional connection with your audience and generate rather more leads and actually sales. For me this is because also that women are very much wired in a ‘me too,’ perspective. For example. it means that when you share that something happened which you did not see coming, such as something going wrong, or you unexpectedly losing a client, or your website going down, whatever it is, women rush into to empathise and scoop you up, it’s in our nature and when you allow us to do this, we love you all the more for it. This vulnerable is not a weakness rather it is an almighty strength and is one aspect of my ‘Bridget Jonesify  your content,’ course which i have now got going.

If you need help with bringing your flawed female out to play or your ‘Inner Bridget,’ then: ‘ my ‘ The power of the flawed female in your content,’ ‘ course will help you to identify your ‘Inner Bridget,’ and then it will help you bring her out to play, saving you oodles of time, working it all out on your own.

For example: I explain about ‘Bridget Moments,’ such as me yesterday ringing up Vogue for a client and totally screwing up my pitch on the phone, as I just felt a little bit intimidated to be honest speaking to the editor’s assistant, with a super posh accent, it threw me. I just said to her: ” Ooh sorry i know I’ve screwed this pitch up on the phone, can I email you instead as I’ve just had a bit of Bridget moment, she laughed and melted and said of course and gave me her email address.’ So I was able to move both myself and her to our hearts not our heads and create emotional connection as a flawed female with is what ‘Bridget Jonesifying your content,’ is all about.

I’ve just thirty seven places left just £197 for my beta-testers, and I’d love you to join me. It’s and you will receive your course via email, you will become part of a private facebook group, and it will be sent to you for a month in total. Sign up here: http://www.Paypal.me/TheBlondepreneur

Any questions, just ask me. Ooh and my VIP’s get it all included, if you want to be one of those; here’s more information:

Much love,

Carrie xx- happily bringing her inner’bridget out to play…

p.s Another Bridget Moment. is going to sleep with my.. purple shampoo on.. so the end of my blonde hair.. er went.. grey I kid you not; not to mention my pillow case er needing a proper long soaking..

p.p.s only .. thirty-seven places left don’t miss out just £197  http://www.Paypal.me/TheBlondepreneur

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Carrie Eddins

  • Millen says:

    Totally, 100% agree with you Carrie! I call it being REAL, being AUTHENTIC. Everybody can connect to a flawed woman…Thank you for the reminder!

    • CarrieROC says:

      Thanks Millen, Aha, I understand. Yes, they absolutely can, no woman is perfect…. 🙂 My pleasure 🙂

  • Amanda says:

    Phenomenal read! Thank you!

    • CarrieROC says:

      Thanks so much Amana, I am thrilled that you have enjoyed it and thanks so much for your comment, it means so much 🙂

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