3 Things that show you lack humanity in your content

Dear Lovely Business Owner,

When you are creating content.. are you lacking humanity? So your content is robotic?

If you are, you are turning off your potential clients..

Really Carrie? Oh yes indeedy.

Here’s a list of just three things and three examples.

1.Using too much logic.

Just this week, I was taking part in a Tweetup and the topic for that particularly one was how to deal with negative people and actually trolls. Well, it brought up so many issues for all of us. Logic actually was a subject that came up again and again and again. For example, one tweeter was like: ” Well it’s simple you can tell the critics from the haters,” like it was clear and logical almost as if there was a label on their forehead. If only they did.

2. Being too efficient all the time. 

This can be tricky when you are trying to get things done and onto the next thing, such as a creating a piece of content, you can rush the process and can be communicating from your head too much and not enough from the heart. This means that your reader will feel that you just do not care. Or, worse, that you are only doing it because they are your ‘lunch’. They will feel your desperate energy and you will be disappointed.

This happened to me recently, when I read a piece of content from a potential client and I explained that I just did not feel any emotional connection with them. That meant that I did not then want to know more about them which means that I was not interested in buying from them. They explained that they wrote the content to ‘cut to the chase,’ as they were busy and respected that others were too. They did not have the time to go into more detail, and if their readers wanted any more information about their product that they could just pick up the phone… The reader never did.

3. Coming across as too perfect.

This is one of the things that I find hard to accept. You know how it is you look at someone’s piece of content and you are like.. Seriously, their life looks like they have never experienced ups and downs, It all seems so utterly perfect. It reminds me of a heath coach I was going to start to work with, really lovely lady. I did really like her, but for me, when I read her content, or looked at it, it was so polished I found that I could not relate to her. Yet on the phone, I found her lovely and she shared her vulnerable moments with me, like the backstory behind the glamorous pictures. For

For example there were pictures of her in America, at the same she was very lonely, and finding it hard to be away from her family, yet her posts said other things. I am not saying be so deeply vulnerable that you feel far too exposed, no I am not. What I saying is when you come across as too perfect, those who are consuming your content will find it hard to trust your solution, as they will not feel emotionally connected to you and believe that you have no empathy for them

When you show your humanity you create a strong connection with your potential customers. They’ll know you care and ultimately your business will do better.

Love Carrie

P.S. If you need Spiritual PR, you know where I am

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Carrie Eddins

  • Jacquelyn says:

    Great post, I completely agree especially with being too perfect.

    • CarrieROC says:

      Aw thanks Jacquelyn for your comment, I really appreciate it 🙂

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