3 Ways Lewis Howes can help you grow your Business

3 Ways Lewis Howes can help you grow your Business

Dear Lovely Business Owner,

Last year, I discovered the lovely Mr  Lewis Howes, am honestly unsure how.. i.e. where and through whom?! Was it through Twitter? Facebook? Youtube? Google. No idea whatsoever…

What is more important though is that I just loved him right from the get go…

(he can be found online at: http://www.lewishowes.com)

Why Carrie?

Let me first give you a little snapshot into the world of the lovely Mr Howes..

He’s a young American guy who used to be an American Football Player, who got injured which broke his heart as that was all he ever wanted to do.  Then after living on his sister’s couch discovered his purpose, his Business to inspire and teach greatness to other entrepreneurs. This lovely Mr Howes, as I call him, totally and unusually not only walks his talk but you can just feel that his has great gifts in creating emotional connection with others, which to me, is quite unusual for a man, especially in Business !( * A blog post coming soon about why men find it hard to emotionally connect in content coming too! ) He runs hugely popular Podcast where he interviews very successful entrepreneurs, sports starts and people from around the globe such as Tony Robbins, Liz Gilbert, Marianne Williamson, Gabby Bernstein, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Maria Sharapova.

Carrie I am confused, I get you love this lovely Mr Howes, can you now get to the point… how can he -lovely Mr Howes, help me to grow my Business ..

Okeydokie, here’s how..

1. Do not be afraid to ask questions that you do not know the answer too!

In lovely Mr Howe’s podcast where which illustrates this point nicely is with Sarah Blakely  who is the founder of Spanx. (www.spanx.com) Spanx is that body-cinching undergarment that women wear under their clothes to smooth over their silouette.

During the podcast, Sarah recounts to lovely Mr Howes just how she literally hustled her way to getting her first Spanx samples made. She describes  how once she had secured a big deal, her manufacturer explained that it might be rather tricky to fulfil her order. Why? Well, there was an issue with the crotch, a term which the lovely Mr Howes had clearly not come across.

(Here’s the podcast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSrpZIzAhKU )

Sarah  explained what it was and  that another word for ‘crotch,’ was ‘gussett,’ and lovely Mr Howes in a rather confused manner enquired “Gusset?!!” The expression on his face trust me is worth a watch, as he obviously was not exactly familiar with those terms.not many would ask another questions though…

2. Favouring face-to-face meetings.

For me, lovely Mr Howes literally knocks it out the park in his Business when he conducts his interviews for his podcasts face-to-face in Los Angeles!People literally fly into see him, in his own personal office! It’s such a clever strategy  as the most powerful thing in the world is face-to-face meetings, even more so in 2017, it’s just unbeatable! I recall Tony Robbins saying that:” proximity is power,’ which is so accurate.

People tend to value you more when they can physically experience and  meet you, and are much more likely to recommend you and want to partner with you in future endeavours.

I have no doubt that meeting his guests in person, for lovely Mr Howes, works like a charm!!

3. He truly acknowledges his guests.

  At the end of each interview, lovely Mr Howes says: “ I just really want to acknowledge you for being who you are and doing what you do.” He does this with such sincerity it is hard not to be moved by it witnessing it, let alone be on the receiving end of it. It’s not only utterly adorable!!

It is powerful, as he is deeply connecting with them, and you can feel that it not done for him to look good it is done because it matters to him, because his guests really matter to him. 

Right Carrie so how can I use this in my Business?

1. Sometimes in Business because we are afraid of looking foolish we do not ask the questions that would be useful to us and our clients.

  1. For example: simple things like asking them to repeat information, or even ask for their personal recommendation for new Business, yes by risking looking foolish you will show your humanity, as we are not robots are we.. are we?!! And people will love and respect you much more for revealing this side of you… and those who do not.. well they are not right for you to work with then!! 🙂

    2. Consider, booking more face-to-face meetings, or attending more conferences in person this year, to harness the power of people experiencing you in person.

    Yes it might take much more time, but if you actually added up the time you spent online, you might be surprised, just how much time it takes, when meeting people in person could actually be quicker! Yes really, and I know this sounds counter-intuitive. Try it and let me know how you get on!


    I often say to my clients that all people EVER WANT is to be seen, to be valued and to be heard. This is true in any relationship, and this is what love looks like. When someone loves us, they see us, they value us, they hear us.

    This is what lovely Mr Howes does, and can you imagine if you  started to do this with your clients? Would it create emotional connection? Absolutely. Might it feel a bit fake to begin with and like you’d rather hide in cupboard. Very likely. Is it worth the experimenting with it until you get more comfortable, for example with clients or colleagues who have known you for a while? Indeed.  For example: saying to current or past clients: “ I just want to say that I truly appreciate you, and your Business, it means a lot,’is a simple and highly impactful way to begin this process, as people the world over are craving acknowledge, that they matter to you like this, even in Business.

I’d love to know your feedback on this post.

Yes, I admit I still have a Business Crush on lovely Mr Howes, I mean did I mention he was tall, dark  and handsome?!! Well he is 🙂

He can be found online here: http://www.lewishowes.com

And my favourite Podcast is Sarah Blakeley’s, purely because it just made me laugh the most and because she really shared her story, with even the very challenging bits, it was incredible! (it’s here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSrpZIzAhKU )

If you need help with creating emotional connection with your content or communication, and you don’t have 10,000 hours in your schedule over the next year then gain a huge short-cut by working with me to help to do so, to generate leads for your Business and sales! Yeah!

Here’s how you can personally work with me: http://ow.ly/6e6J3089fWU

Love Carrie x


ps. the image below is one from lovely Mr Lewis Howe’s http://www.unsplash.com‘s personal collection!!


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Carrie Eddins

  • I’ve heard of Lewis Howes,
    I love how there are so many people out there spreading the message of what is possible, particularly in this internet age.
    So many different styles and flavours, which allows room for others to do the same, which is great!
    Cheers, Gordon

    • CarrieROC says:

      He’s a lovely chap, very inspiring! Absolutely, it’s wonderful isn’t it!! Thanks for dropping by Gordon 🙂

  • Carrie your blog made me smile. A business crush 🙂

    You have also inspired me to go and take a look at him. Just for research purposes…

    And you have made some great points.

    • CarrieROC says:

      Aw that’s lovely to hear Jacqui 🙂 I’ve not yet met the lovely Mr Howes, he’s inspiring, talented and .. Bless him. hey 🙂 Aw thanks so much, Jacqui, that means a lot 🙂

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