3 Tips to become Twitter Smarter

3 Tips to become Twitter Smarter

Dear Lovely Business Owner,

Why would I need to become Twitter Smarter Carrie?Aha, well if you have found that your audience or tribe are on Twitter, which you can do through a cool piece of software called;

‘Buzzsumo,’http://www.Buzzsumo.com ) then this post will walk you through 3 tips that the lovely Madalyn
(https://twitter.com/MadalynSklar)  has taught me to raise your profile build connections and community! Let’s start by explaining where my journey to becoming ‘Twitter Smarter,’ started…(http://www.twitter.com)

In early 2016, I had been tweeting not really getting much from it. Truth be told, I was like the blonde tweeting the blonde.  You know, tweeting a lot, and not really getting much back and finding the whole process like I was stuck on an endless treadmill of tweets, getting nowhere fast… 🙁

Actually, I had no idea what I was doing, or really that I had no idea what I was doing. Ignorance is not really bliss…until..

I discovered the lovely Madalyn Sklar, who runs  weekly ‘Tweet up,’ a meeting on Twitter called ‘Twitter Smarter.’


Madalyn is one of the world’s leading Social Media experts, particularly for Twitter and she refreshingly literally tweets her talk. She embodies her message, like few I have seen on Twitter to be honest.

Okay lovely Carrie, so how can I become ‘Twitter Smarter.’

  1. 1. Show up and talk to your followers!

    Madalyn, suggests this every #TwitterSmarter Tweet Up, and she totally ‘tweets her talk,’ and can be seen actively tweeting not just broadcasting, actually responding to tweets, asking questions, conducting polls, and encouraging others, one tweet at a time ! 

    This was something I find at times quite tricky as I can easily get overwhelmed by it all!

Nevertheless, even during the first few days of this year, I have been doing as Madalyn suggests and I have noticed a remarkable difference in not only the interactions with my followers but I have felt a stronger sense of emotional connection with them! I know, there’s always another level and I ‘m not alone in wanting to improve:)

2.  Show that you care! Yes this one again!!

Madalyn is truly caring, which many under-estimate as a quality to generate leads and business!

It is a wonderful way of connecting with others, as when we feel cared for we are much more likely to pay attention!

Personally, Madalyn, revealed this side of her to me very early on in 2016,  when I was having difficultly remembering which day and time, (Thursday at 6pm GMT, 1pm EST) her Twitter Smarter was running.

She actually started to tweet me, a reminder, which she still actually does even in 2017!!

Did that make me pay attention to her? Did that make me feel that I mattered to her? You bet. It stood her out from the crowd, and made me really listen to her and become an active member of her Twitter Smarter Community.

3. Get help and support.

Madalyn’s Twitter Smarter community has now grown so big that she actually cannot herself respond to every tweet during her Tweet ups!

I know, it’s one of the most popular Tweet Ups in the world!

So, she has a team of Tweeters who greet everyone, and respond to the tweets; whilst Madalyn is very active also.

This is one smart lady, as one of my biggest complaints during Tweet ups, is that sometimes the hosts do not  even acknowledge your Tweets or even the guests which does not exactly make you want to go back or discover more about the Tweet Up or even the guest!

Again, Madalyn’s approach here is genius, and is why she is so successful.

She even takes it one step further and has recruited Hootsuite, a company whose Social Media Management Tool, to help her Twitter Smarter community become even more Twitter Smarter!

Each week, the first 4 questions, after her Icebreaker, to discover where everyone is from, which is all around the world, Madalyn has the lovely Nick Martin  from Hootsuite. https://twitter.com/NickAtHootsuite who represents Hootsuite 🙂 (http://www.hootsuite.com)

Nick  answers four questions which help Madalyn’s community improve to not only become #Twitter Smarter but to improve their  Social Media Marketing too!  Smart, so very smart!

If you are not going to use Twitter though, any of these 3 tips from Madalyn can be used to increase your emotional connection with your audience,

If you still feel like the ‘blonde leading the blonde,’and do not have endless hours to spend in Twitter then I can help you, I will ‘see you,’ during #Twitter Smarter,’ and I can help you personally here with my consults here:  http://www.facebook.com/The-Blondepreneur From three hours for £480.

I’d love your feedback, I’d love to ‘tweet you,’ during Madlyn’s #TwitterSmarter she can be found here: https://twitter.com/MadalynSklar

and I can be found on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/blondepreneur

Love Carrie x

p.s do you feel Twitter Smarter after reading this.. .. sorry couldn’t resist..


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Carrie Eddins

  • Hi Carrie,
    Twitter fascinates me.
    I’ve had an account for a while, but only really use to post links to my content.
    I’ve always prefered Facebook, on my logic that the 140 character was a restriction simply not there on FB.

    However what Twitter does have is weight of numbers. People go there to follow what people think about particular ongoing events, more so than FB, plus it’s where the news organisations go for their soundbite quotes.

    I’m still not entirely convinced when it comes to community building, but I accept that this is because I haven’t immersed myself, and can see it works fantastically well for others! Onwards and upwards!

    • CarrieROC says:

      Hi Gordon, I understand 🙂 Madalyn is someone to follow and learn from tweet by tweet she is both helpful and inspiring! Yes you are right you have to be in it, to build community and connections 🙂 Start it one tweet at a time, and maybe even start with her #TwitterSmarter Tweet up every Thursday at 6pm 🙂 I might ‘tweet’ you there Gordon! Onwards and upwards 🙂 Indeed 🙂

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