How to emotionally connect with customers

Dear Lovely Business Owners,

How to emotionally connect with customers.

Let’s get clear here, emotionally connecting with customers is one of the most important things that you can do, as buying is emotional! Yet, I keep on seeing increasingly, people still overloading customers with facts, figures and metrics which more often than not is just way too much.

Rest assured, at the end of this post you will be able to emotionally connect with your customers!

First of all, what do I mean by emotionally connect with customers?

I mean that you speak to their hearts.. Yup HEARTS, as buying is emotional, like it or not. Logic simply does not come into .And YUP many of us run as fast as possible away from our emotions…which makes this even trickier, truth be told.

Why first Carrie is this necessary?

Well Roger Dooley from, Neuro says that : ” An emotional marketing campaign may be more effective, creating ads that engage consumer emotions isn’t easy.” He says that: ”  Campaigns with purely emotional content performed about twice as well (31% vs. 16%)>”  Enough said.

Let me give you are rather personal example.

Recently, I was shopping for bras. I went to High Street Store which I truly, truly adore, and tried on a couple of brightly-coloured bras, as for me colours makes a world of difference.

The lady on the shop floor in the section, came over spoke to me and showed me into the fitting room. I tried on the bras and one really fitted like a dream, compared to the one that I came with on! And, I was on the verge of investing in it… BUT…

the assistant, did not unlike the lady.. a few cubicles along.. come and check up on me, to see if it was the right fit. Nada. Nothing.

Not the level of service that I have experienced in any section of that store. So, I just left the bras in the cubicle and walked out, deeply disappointed. On exiting the shop floor, the assistant came over and spoke to me, after she had finished her conversation with her colleague, both were rushed off their feet.. er not at all!

So, the overriding feeling was being ignored, not cared for, no Return on Connection™ to be happening here, no Connection. Period.

Contrast this  to my visit to this lovely lady called Karen Tomalin, known as the ‘Big Bra Lady,’ who greeted me at her new home with a hug, who doesn’t love hugs, no me!! She then  guided me into her dedicated lovely cosy fitting room!!  She then without even measuring me, gave me a number of bras to try on, which relieved so much stress for me alone, as I find bra-shopping very stressful and at times mildly traumatic!

With each bra, Karen checks the shoulder-straps, which are critical as they can make or ‘break,’ a bra, the cups fitting, well every little detail she checked over with her experienced eye and with so much care. I do not know if I have ever been to such deliciously relaxing and sublime bra-fitting.

Afterwards, I was mildly berating myself for ever going anywhere else! The only reason I could think of was that I was embarrassed to undress in front of someone I knew… Well, I am British; well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! Knowing Karen too, made the entire experience actually more relaxing not less, as I had many moons ago thought. We chatted about Business, relationships and people in general.

Quite an experienced. Will I buy bras from her?! In a heartbeat! Will I recommend her to all of my friends and well anyone who needs a bra that I know of… absolutely!

Why? I felt looked after, I felt cared for, I felt like all of us every want in any kind of relationships: seen, valued and heard. And we did have a giggle too! And I don’t think I could ever had found such comfortable yet beautiful second-skinesque bras, which I had never dreamed were possible! Nor, did I ever think I could find a sports bra that wouldn’t make me feel like I was not wearing some kind of compression device… a painful one I might add. Heavens no, Karen got every single bra… on the money. A sheer delight. Wow, doesn’t translate it fully, it’s the closest word that I have.

How can you create emotional connection your customers ?

For me,  if they are not face-to-face with you, imagine that they are. Imagine that they are loving family member or friend, and how would you speak to them. Humanize them basically. as more often than not Businesses tend to see people are numbers, as units and figures, and profit. It’s bonkers really, yet it’s rife.

Speak to them from the heart,  have fun, listen way more than you talk, yes even on social media, broadcast less, and ask more questions. This approach sounds so simple and the truth is, it really, really is, it doesn’t make it any less powerful!

This is not logical either, so do not try to follow a formula either as people will sense that, and will know that you are just game-playing, and it will not work.

Remember: Connection from the heart is what makes us human, and it’s what gives our lives meaning; although animals do this naturally, but that’s another story- Street Cat Bob post.. coming soon!

( This is story about a guy who was a drug addict was basically rescued and saved by this street cat named Bob, and he wrote a book about it and a film has been made and is now showing in the cinemas in the UK!!)

I trust that helps.

Need more help, and yet do not have the time to spend hours and hours trawling the Internet looking for stats, and useable information to implement in your Business to create and develop emotional connection with your Customers?!!  Don’t worry, I’ve got it covered.

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Love Carrie x

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