3 Ways to increase your conversion rates with Bridget Jones

Dear Lovely Business Owner,

RE: 3 Ways to increase your conversion rates with Bridget Jones

Carrie, are you nuts?!!( Maybe a little, but that’s another story..)  What are you on about….Bridget Jones..

Okeydokie, let me give you brief history about this lovely lady, Bridget..

Bridget Jones was a hapless Singleton, who fell in love with Mr Darcy, and counted-calories which she recorded in her diary as well as the amount of units of alcohol she drank. She started her ‘diary,’ just over 15 years ago, when her first film came out 🙂 Everybody fell in love with her as she was like a breath of fresh air, in that she was honest, open, and vulnerable about her feelings, and struggles, She was not a robot, nor trying to be someone she was not, so endearing and at times so silly, which was even more endearing! And ,unlike most women, and owned and wore her many  weaknesses on her ‘sleeve,’ such as getting recipes totally wrong,.. anyone remember the blue soup she made for Mr Darcy?… I’ve never.. made such a faux pax.. er yes I have… I once a birthday for one of my friends, I lite the candles.. we all sang her happy birthday.. and they all looked a little uncomfortable.. as I used salt instead of sugar …..

Right, Carrie I get the idea, can you know show me how Bridget can help me increase my conversion…


  1. Bridget is authentic!!

    This  means to me, she’s herself.  The word ‘authentic’ has been bandied around a lot! For me

    it means she is purely  100% herself, even when it’s awkward, even when it’s uncomfortable, even when it’s disastrous!

  2. For example:  when she went to declare her love to Mr Darcy and interrupts one of his rather serious legal conferences. It’s just utterly adorable. She was not even thinking of who he was with, instead focussed on telling him, who incidentally were a whole host of international legal representatives who were totally charmed by her sheer enthusiasm and audacity and AUTHENTICITY!!

In Business, I truly believe  by just being yourself, people will just be drawn to you when you are just purely yourself.  I know, from personal experience that this is true. Your personality as a Small Business Owner, is one of your biggest assets, as larger Businesses cannot replicate you, you are a one-off!! 

In the past, as it ‘Business,’ when I have attended previous networking events and got all dressed up, when I was 100% me, and had a giggle, and a lovely chat with people, it was easy to generate leads and then conversions quite honestly. However, when I was too stuck in my head and being too serious,and was desperately trying to remember systems and structures, or facts and figures, which is a bit of disaster waiting to happen.. and painful to both be around and to witness.

Unlike when I decided to  ‘give birth,’ to me being ‘ The Blondepreneur,’ ie Blonde = creative, entrepreneurial,  short-term memory issues- think Dory from Finding Nemo,  fun-loving, laughs-a-lot, intuitive, empathetic, able to create emotional connections with ease, my Business started to flow with so much ease and I had a lot more fun too! This is because, I’m very creative-brained so I am quite challenged with short-term memory issues, for example, so once I played upon this and owned it, and was AUTHENTIC.. BOOM!! . …How can you show up more authentically in your Business? I’d love to know 🙂

Bridget is vulnerable.

She weaves her heart on her sleeve repeatedly which is just so endearing that you cannot help to just fall in love with her!

For example: when she finally  tells Mr Darcy him how she feels, even though it comes across very awkwardly, she shares the contents of her heart!  She does this,  even though he initially is silent, and does not seem to return her feelings to her.  You just cannot not love her for this. It takes sheer courage.

In your Business how can you be vulnerable and share a ‘weaker,’ side of you which would endear you to your clients and audience.

For me,  just this week, actually on: 5.1.17 I attended the lovely Madalyn Sklar’s (http://www.MadalynSkylar.com) weekly Tweet up ( A live meeting on Twitter for those of you who don’t know) called #TwitterSmarter,’ and the guest was Brittany Berger (http://www.BritanyBerger.com )was leading a discussion about metrics and analytics using Twitter and Social Media. Not at all, my cup of tea, nor my speciality, so I was ‘all ears,’ as they say.  

Honestly, it was painful, it was tough and I needed a lie down in a darkened room afterwards, as my rather slow, left-brain and logical side was having a party. I admitted during the Tweet Up that I really did not know how to measure metrics and data, and many of the attendees revealed the same! Our collective vulnerability,  brought us together much more as a community, instead of us all showcasing our expertise and having a wonderful discussion, we were all left, right and centre… saying: “HELP ME BRITTANY! HELP ME MADALYN.. I”M LOST!!!”  I am sure you can find areas where you can do this and ask for help from your clients, and community, go on I dare you, you might well be very surprised by just how much support, love, care and deeper connections and even sales come from it!!

Bridget is a giggle!

Yes, through her ups and downs of her love life with or without Mr Darcy, with or without a job, with or without alcohol, she makes time to have a giggle. For example: When she was falsely accused of drug-smuggling in Thailand so was sent to Thai prison, she ended up teaching her fellow inmates how to sing Madonna’s like a Virgin, which they loved, and even when she was released she took them chocolate bars and push-up bras, which few women would refuse in prison or not in prison!!

In your Business how can you have a giggle? So many options especially, with Gifs hey.. So many possible jokes and moments of silliness really.

Often the silliest things can bring some truly wonderful connections, when you least expect and later can become clients, as for me this is how connection works 🙂

For example: when I did the Business Show in December 2014, in London, and I just had a giggle with people at my stand, I coined the phrase : Business Blonde Moment,’ you know when you are talking about your Business and you totally forget your train of thought, or even topic, or the name of the person you are speaking to and about what you are speaking too! How potentially embarrassing could this have been or can this be.. yet.. as I had a giggle with it.. they had a giggle with me!

And guess what? It was so much easier to build a relationship with them, then standing there all serious, and so much more successful, as most of the stands are being utterly serious, and focussed and are in comparison rather dull.  All I needed to do, was a have system to follow up with, and system to do so, that’s something else and that’s what I am learning from Sarah Arrow, one of many things really, truth be told!

I am sure you can find some ‘Business Blonde Moments?!!” … Do let me know, how you get on!! Some of you might want to try even Laughter Yoga, if you need a bit more help. I’m serious, this is when you stand in circle, and just giggle together!! It’s not only great fun apparently, it would make you feel better and when you feel better you do better. Period. It’s on my radar for early 2017, so I will report back!

I trust this helps and I do totally recommend watching all three Bridget Jones Films and reading all four books.. of course!

I’d love to know how you get on with my tips and if you are needing a bit more help with this, and don’t have 10,000 hours to research, organise and learn these ways of creating emotional connection and increasing your sales, then I’m offering a limited number of people to enrol onto my course called: Return On Connection™ Here: http://www.theblondepreneur.com/return-on-connection-course/

This is because, I just need for my new website that Sarah Arrow from :http://www.Sarkemedia.com has started to create for me, more testimonials for my course. It’s very limited. It’s for you if you are producing Content ( blogs, emails, tweets, any writing, conversations, any kind of communication) for your Business that is not converting, or you want to become more successful. The essence of this course is:

“Content without connection is like tea without cake,’ so I help you create connection to increase your conversion.

Here’s the link: http://www.theblondepreneur.com/return-on-connection-course/


Any questions, just email: carrie@theblondepreneur.com

Love Carrie x

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Carrie Eddins

  • Authenticity is amazing. Great blog thanks

    • CarrieROC says:

      It really is, isn’t it Honey! Aw thanks very much for your comment and i really appreciate it 🙂

  • Sarah Arrow says:

    Business Blonde Moment? I seem to have a lot of those! Thanks for being vulnerable with us Carrie x

    • CarrieROC says:

      🙂 Am glad I am not alone 🙂 My pleasure and thanks so much for your comment, it means so much Sarah x

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