3 Ways to La-La-Land your content

Dear Lovely Business Owner,

La La Land, I am sure many of your have heard of this film, which reflects an old school songbook style romance movie, with a modern twist. It is set in Hollywood and is about a young couple who fall in love and about how they follow their dreams and support each other. It reaches into your heart in a way that few movies do, especially in 2017. The film for me is one of those films that not only reached into my heart and touched it deeply, and profoundly, it was like the characters and the scenery and the music just entered each and every cell of my being.No wonder it has won so many Golden Globes and am sure it will continue to do so at the Oscars.

How can I bring this old school Hollywood Glamour of La-La Land  to my content Carrie? You’ve lost me?

***Please stop reading now, if you have not watched the film , and want to, as I do not want to be a ‘killjoy.’


1.Do what you love, even if you don’t get paid much yet.

You know when you love something so very much, that it comes from a deep place in your heart, it’s your purpose; it’s what lights you up!

That kind of love. The love in La-La Land is showed when Mia who is a struggling actress who keeps unsuccessfully auditioning for roles only to be treated like she didn’t matter to the Casting agents, and to be repeatedly  ridiculed by them, which is painful to see and experience. Yet, she loves acting so much she keeps on going and going. Yes that kind of love. The kind of love that makes you do a part-time job that is challenging, like Mia, who works in a coffee shop and is constantly disrespected by her boss but she needs the job to pay her rent so that she can keep on going to her auditions to realise her dream of being an actress, that kind of love!

With your content, ‘la-la-landing‘ it means writing about what you absolutely love to write about which helps your clients, and creating content in a way that you love!! For example: If you love writing, WRITE. If you love making videos shoot them! If you love taking pictures, go that! Even if the ‘experts,’ say videos that next biggie, if you hate doing video, it won’t be smart for you to do them as people will sense you hate them and be put off by this, unless you have someone else doing them or you have cartoon videos, for example!

When you create content about what you truly love, which is where your Business really, really needs to be based on, as if you are not excited or loving what you do, its a bit tricky to inspire or persuade others to love what you do and love you isn’t it! For example: i love, love, love connecting with people and  I love writing and helping people creating emotional connection in their content, I really, really love it! I love helping people to create emotional connection too with women, I find it a fascinating process 🙂

2. Be prepared to put your heart on the line.

In the film, Mia, gets so disheartened by her lack of success with her auditions, after a lot of encouragement from Sebastian, played by Ryan Gosling, she writes her own play which she used to do when she was a child and performs it. She believes that if she performs her own piece of work, Casting Agents could turn up to her show and hire her. Does it go swimmingly.. Does she risk absolutely everything, even her relationship,… Yes she does. Yes puts everything, every ounce of energy, every minute she has spare, everything that she has, as she truly wants to become an actress. To discover what happens, when Mia does this.. watch the film… 🙂

Can you do that with your content? Yes, not every piece of content is like this. agreed! However,  to create connection which converts,  it is about not being afraid to be yourself, fully. For example: it could be not being afraid to stir the pot, to be a bit controversial, to be open, to being vulnerable, and show up as yourself fully human, not robotic, or without personality, or even flaws. When you do this, people will sense this, and feel a deeper emotional connection with you, and love you for your humanity in your content! Try it and let me know! You might be mightily surprised, as in Business especially and in Content Marketing it is no different, a lot of people tend to write a bit too much, in my view, from their heads and are too logical, and a lot of their content lacks connection because of this, which to me makes is less effective and compelling.

3. Break the Rules.

There’s just something utterly magical which causes you to feel just charmed and under a spell by how La-La-Land has been created as it breaks genres from switching from musical, to rom-com, with gorgeous outburst of dancing, tap-dancing, and just sheer beautiful music which is healing, inspiring, soothing and actually other-worldly. This rare and ground-breaking combination of genres is just a breath of fresh of air, and it’s no wonder it has already been successful in achieving Golden Globes.

Even when Mia decided to write her own play and star in it, was  pretty revolutionary and breaking a lot of rules about how to become an actress! Whilst, Sebastian’s dream of setting up his own Jazz Bar, was revolutionary as choosing a Jazz bar is bucking the trend of what is hip, yet he kept his focus like Mia and just put his heart on the line and  as he totally LOVED it.  He went for a just cocktails, instead of trying to be a snack bar / diner/ restaurant, which surely added impact to the main ‘dish’ that was on offer.. the live JAZZ!!

Okay Carrie, so how can I break the rules with creating my Content? Look at what you have read, or already know about Content Marketing and see how you can put your own spin on things. I see so much potential, especially in creating comedy content, in your niche, where your tribe or audience totally gets where you are coming from and just needs a bit of a laugh, as well as a bit of help through your content.

Could you, quite simply be much more loving, more open, more caring and  more empathetic which for me is ‘breaking many rules,’ of Content Marketing!  As you do this, as  for me, this is where the connection is, as ‘content without connection is like tea without cake,’ and  people are  especially in 2017 are craving heartfelt, emotional connection with one another like in La-La-Land, they are aching for it.

In fact, being more loving in your content could be the most revolutionary thing you do, and it is what people, I believe need more than ever which ties is with this beautiful film which did not just move to tears, it moved me to place  beyond tears to a place where I felt comforted, to a place where I felt safe, to a place where I felt LOVED!

For me, this is why the film is so phenemonally successful because in a world which seems

to be full of the opposite of comfort, safety and love!

I’d love your feedback, as always!

The signature song of the movie sums it up:

” City of stars, just one thing everybody wants… it’s love, yes all we’re looking for is love from someone else..”

Here’s the song for you to listen to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZLT9LmbhPQ


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Love Carrie x


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Carrie Eddins

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    I haven’t seen in yet, but I’m sure I’ll enjoy it in the same way I enjoyed ‘The Artist’
    I’m just going on your subheads since you mentioned spoilers if I hadn’t seen it, but just by talking about doing what you love and putting your heart into it, you are covering a formula for massive contentment and fulfillment in life, I like it!

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