Following the Arrows Saved my Business

Dear Lovely Business Owner,


In this post shows I will show how by following the arrows, (#FollowTheArrows) literally saved my Business!

Sometimes when we are so close to our Business, ie when it is our own, we cannot see what we cannot see.

We are blinded, like when we are in love, to what we might need help with as we are just stuck in it.

I know, when I speak with clients about their own Business marketing, and Content, this is true. They always explain that

because it is their’s they just cannot see it, or if they can, they just do not know

how to deal with it or even get over themselves to deal with. Can you relate? !!

Well, it was not for me until I started not only #followingthearrows, who are two people Sarah & Kevin Arrow, who

managed to get through to me in a way that few had done before?

I would openly admit they saved my Business!

How so Carrie? So many reasons, here are just a few:


  • They have helped me to see what  was I was not good at, which initially is rather painful! I admit that!
  • Then they have helped me to see what my strengths were and play to them!
  • They have  helped to see and value the importance of planning- which is something I find quite hard, am getting better at it though, thanks to Sarah’s Content Planners!
  • They have  shown me how through blogging, I would attract customers much more easily than just posting in facebook groups, and ‘hoping for the best,’ again a bit painful but true!
  • They through their Linked In Planner, explained how important it was for me to show up there, as many people such a Content Marketers or Marketing Directors or Marketing Managers were hanging out there and to be much more strategic and build relationships there too, which I had previously only done a bit of without any success, which was mostly due to not actually knowing what I was doing and the fact that I found Linked in rather intimidating… Honestly, following their Planner, I am getting to grip with Linked in a bit more and once I had I will move onto their newly launched Linked In Programme!
  • They have  shown me the importance of the technical aspect of marketing, which is not my skill set, such as optimising blog posts, and pictures and if I find this difficult, through their community, which is huge asking for recommendations and help!
  • They have  shown me through their Online Visibility Academy, the importance of getting really, really, really clear about who I was wanting to work with- For me- it was Content Marketers who have difficulty with creating emotional connection in Content and Business Owners, often Female who need help marketing and selling to women. That’s it! No-one else. Two separate avatars, both about how to create emotional connection in content and communication. Phew! Phew! Phew.
  • They have shown me the importance of being around the right group of people who take Business seriously through their Blogging Challenge Graduates group, who encourage each other, support each other and do Business with each other, which is just wonderful!
  • They have shown me the importance of focussing on what you are good at, and keeping going, which for someone who can get a bit distracted is very important to be honest. And because they both walk their talk, it is easy to keep on going!
  • They have shown me the value of being consistent again this comes through clearly with their 30 day Blogging Challenge which I am now doing for the 4th time. The more you blog the easier it becomes, the easier it becomes the more you blog, the more you build your tribe, the less effort you need to do with your marketing as your blog is marketing you all by it’s self! Again, Sarah and Kevin do this, and participate in their own Blogging Challenge at least 3 times a year. Integrity in action.
  • There are so many more things that the Arrows have taught me, of course! These are just a few and I have only just started to work with them, as I will soon become one of their VIP clients, which I am excited about, so things will only get better and better and better!
  • The final point I would like to make is that both of them, stress the importance of not trying to listen to too many people, as it will just lessen the impact of whatever you are trying to do with your Business. It took me a while to take this point onboard, as I love learning and I know in the past, less so now, I have been guilty of being so addicted to learning and less inclined to apply the learning…. No more.

Am just, as their community does… Following the Arrows which is known as  #followthearrows, and v few others, and getting far better results than ever before!!!!

If you would like to #followthearrows too- you can find them here:

And if you need help with creating emotional connection with your Content, and do not have 10,000 hours spare, you can book a consult with me here

I’d love your feedback, and thoughts!

Love Carrie x

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