How Collateral Beauty can grow your Business

Dear Lovely Business Owner,

Re: How Collateral Beauty can grow your Business.

Now, I loved  the film Collateral Beauty  starring Will Smith, Helen Mirren ,Kate Winslet  and Keira Knightley, which is what my Business is all about connection!  Watch the trailer for the movie here:

For me, connection, the desire for it, like the Movie trailer suggests, is what our lives are all about, it’s what gives our lives ultimately meaning.

Yet in our ‘super-connected,’ times, in terms of internet and phone connectivity,we are less connected than ever before.

It’s bonkers…. People are constantly online, yet do not have time to listen to each other in a face-to-face capacity, let alone to themselves.

How on earth can you be actually fully able to be present in your own life, and in your own

Business, with others; if you are not present with how you are feeling,or

how you are thinking with your own relationship with yourself,

which is your most important and most enduring relationship?!

How can you grow your Business if your thoughts and feelings are all over the place, as your clients will sense something is off and not feel confident enough to want to work with you!

Alison Ward says:

“You are your Business,”

which means that how you feel, how you think, what you say, and what is happening in all aspects of your life are YOUR BUSINESS, not just your website, your Twitter feed, your Linked In, or your Business – EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU! So, by having a deep connection with yourself is, the ultimate ‘Return on Connection™’ Why Carrie? Well, once you have  a deep connection with yourself, you will feel so much better, think so much more clearly, and you will be able to deal with whatever happens in your life, and growing your Business will become so much easier!

One of the most effective ways that I have discovered to do this, through mentoring with Alison Ward (http://www.alisonwardmentoring.com ) is through writing letters to the universe, as Will Smith, the main character does in Collateral Beauty! How Alison Ward describes it, is just writing a LOVE Letter to the Universe by literally writing out all of those feelings and thoughts that have been building up inside of you and that you have been suppressing them causing you often lots of stress. ( She goes into detail here about how to do it this here:  (http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/alison-ward/what-have-will-smith-love_b_13282858.html )

The reason for literally writing your heart out on paper is that it creates  a deep emotional connection with yourself.

As you do this, you feel heard, you feel seen and you’re valued. To be seen, to be heard and to be valued is ; all we ever want in any kind of relationship, even with ourselves. And this is absolutely where the connection is. You can see by watching the film that this process of writing letters helps Will Smith, who literally come back to life after the death of his daughter.

We need to create and develop our connection with ourselves, more than anything and when we do this,

we will find it so much easier to create emotional connection;

in our Business through our content,

and through any kind of communication

which will of course in turn help us to grow our Business! 

Sadly, it is so common in Content Marketing and in Business communication, for Business Owners to find it hard to create emotional connection, which limits the impact of their marketing, as the buying is emotional and not logical and with too much focus on ROI, data, and metrics, without the Return on Connection™, or ROC as I call it, the conversion either does not happen!

Or if it does it is not sustainable, as people want to feel:’ seen, valued and heard,’ and this is so much easier when we do it for ourselves first through this useful therapeutic tool, that Will Smith uses in the film. As you write your Letters to the Universe which can be of course about your Business, you will find creating an emotional connection so much easier! Try it and let me know what happens.

It’s a bit like, once you have an emotional connection with yourself and are genuinely excited about your Business then people are much more likely to be interested in it. and will be much more interested in working with you!

If you are stressed and worried about your Business if you write letters to the Universe and get out your emotional stress on paper and ask for help, you will be able to start to feel better and much more likely to see who can help you, then your Business will start to grow as you attract more interest as what might have been previously ‘off’ about you, could have shifted or even gone!!

I know when I first started to do it, it was a hard, to really write out all of my stress and pain in this way so honestly; yet I found it such a release and so therapeutic. 100 letters later..

This process, made me realise that just by getting my stress or problem out onto paper it helped me find solutions often whilst I was writing my letters, and also get clarity on what I needed to do to grow my Business and where I needed help; such as  with the technical, and  metrics side of Marketing! Let me know how you get on- Alison ward is a mentor who I highly recommend can be found here. = http://www.alisonwardmentoring.com If you have realised that you need help with creating emotional connection in your Marketing,

and do not have 10,000 hours spare, and would like to have a fresh pair of eyes look over your Content- you can work with me for 3 hours -more information here: http://www.facebook.com-The-Blondepreneur Or if you would like to get more in-depth knowledge about my Return on Connection Course, you can invest in it here. http://www.theblondepreneur.com/return-on-connection-course/   I’d love to know how you get on with your letter-writing! Love Carrie x

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Carrie Eddins

  • Alison Ward says:

    Well said Carrie. You can also write letters to your future self that you write at the start of a new year then open at its close. Here you pour all your hopes, dreams and desires for the year into the letter. You write, write, write from your heart then post it to yourself so that it comes through your door.
    Another angle is writing letters to the Universe so you form a more loving, deeper connection with the Universe itself. This is a fantastic co creation tool that definitely works. When I wrote mine I also created a new Vision co creation board too. That year was amazing in terms of co creating. Give it a try. It’s fun and holds your excitement which is a great energy to bring to your year, your dreams and your goals.

    • CarrieROC says:

      Thank you Alison. Oh gosh I will try that, thank you! I will try that too, there’s always another level isn’t there! Thank you very much 🙂 x

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